The Fishing

Wayward Wind fishes the Caribbean Sea off the west coast of Grenada where the drop-off is dramatic. The 3000 feet contour is only two miles out in places so we can start fishing only twenty minutes after leaving the dock.

BLUE MARLIN - estimated 300 lbs - caught here in Grenada

Fishing in Grenada centres around blue marlin, which swim in these waters year round but numbers are greatest during the main season from October to May. Wayward Wind caught the biggest BLUE MARLIN in the 2008 Spice Island Billfish Tournament - a nice one over 400 lbs.

Releasing the fish alive is the norm here and virtually all billfish go back to fight another day.

Most of the really big fish are caught around the 6000 feet contour and again this is soon reached, normally within one hour of the start of fishing.

A lovely SAILFISH in excellent condition tagged and ready for release.

A wide range of species also keeps the action going in Grenada – white marlin, sailfish, wahoo and dorado mainly – the latter two making excellent eating are generally brought in.

Capt. Stewart's wife, ELLEN - she's the one who catches all the big fish ! - is a bit red in the face after spending an hour over this mighty YELLOWFIN TUNA. The famous "Mr.Purple" lies on the deck ready for his next fish.

Yellowfin Tuna grow to over 200 lbs in these rich blue waters and a big one is a real test of fisherman and tackle. Anyone has a chance to fight this true gladiator of the ocean.

Grenada Fishing's clients are happy to release billfish and fly the flag back at the dock.


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Last Updated: Thu Feb 3 2011